Do you like  camping?

At this site you will be informed about all the campings of Greece (those close to the sea and the organized ones – not free campings). Apart from listing by name, you will find useful and important information about the following:

  • Daily cruises to nearby islands (usually small islands or rocky islands with crystal blue waters, virgin beaches, not so famous, however picturesque)

  • Even if you do not possess the necessary equipment to stay in a camping, there are a lot of campings in Greece and they are mentioned in this page, where you can rent a tent or a mobile house or a wooden house or a bungalow or a cabin or even a room

  • Detail presentation of water sports activities (kite surfing, wind surfing, scuba diving) where this is feasible

  • Hiking excursions where there are signed trails

  • Presentation of the most beautiful and marvelous beaches near the camping location

  • Thermal healing springs

  • Weather Forecast

  • Ferry connection with other destinations (for campings located in islands).

The classification of the campings has been fulfilled in accordance with the geographical department of Greece where they are based and it the presentation has been completed in random series. You only need to click above the word in red, for example “CYCLADES ISLANDS” and you will find all relevant information about coastal/organized campings of Cyclades Islands classified per Prefecture.

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 My warmest wishes for unforgettable voyages…

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