Ionian islands an escape to a wonderful universe


Seven beautiful islands surrounded by twenty six other smaller (among of them Scorpios, Othoni, Meganisi, Antipaxi, Arkoudi, Antikithira and some others as well). Crystal blue waters, clear beaches, interesting ancient sites, paths through greeny groves, picturesque villages, all together are composing an excellent destination for savoring unforgettable experiences. All the islands have a ferry or boat connection with each other.

Antipaxi Island

Antipaxi Island

Paxos – Antipaxi Island

Othoni Island (white sand beach), Diapontia Islands

Othoni Islands


The weather in Corfu


One of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece, Corfu has been influenced a lot from Italy and  Renaissance. Corfu is a place with Palaces, fortresses, natural landscapes and crystal clear seas all creating a very popular destination. Some of the sites worth to visit are: Liston, Achillion Palace, Mon Repos Palace, Spianada.

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Another place you shouldn’t miss to visit in Corfu, is Pelekas village for two reasons: Firstly, due to its location this village has a breathtaking view to Adriatic sea during sunset… Secondly, because of the paragliding tandem flights! In Pelakas you can have an amazing experience to fly above Kontogialos and Glyfada beach.

In Corfu, there are plenty of beaches, with diversity landscapes such as: Glifada, Peroulades, Issos, Korission Lake, Sidari, Cavos (you can travel on boat to Parga city), Chalikouna (ideal for kite-surfing).

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The island has a lot of camping installations: Palaiokastritsa camping, Karda Beach (Dasia region, also offers bungalows for rental). Dasia is a lovable place for wind – surfing, water-ski, parachute. Another camping at Dasia, Dafni area, is Dionisos (it also offers bungalows for rental). Roda camping, is located at Roda beach, Dolphin camping, at Sidari beach.

Corfu has a long distance route and trails lead to olive groves and forests. Traditional dishes are: Pastitsada (spaghetti with rooster or veal), sofrito (slices of beef fried with white balsamic vinegar). Another particular drink that is traditional from Corfu is the Tsitsibira, which is very tasteful and fresh because it is prepared with fresh lemon juice, water, sugar and ginger.

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While being in Corfu you can participate on a daily cruise to Paxos and Antipaxi islands, Diapontia islands (Othoni), Vidos island, Lazareto island, Pontikonisi island, Parga and Sivota.

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Corfu has an airport and a ferry connection with Patra, Igoumenitsa, Ancona (Italy), Bari (Italy), Brindisi (Italy) and Agioi Saranta (Albania) all the year and with Zakynthos island, Kefalonia island and Paxos island during summer months.


The weather in Kefalonia


The largest Ionian island, greeny, with picturesque coasts, emerald green waters, Kefalonia is one of the most popular destinations due to its diversity. Some of the finest beaches are: Mirtos, Petani, Xi, Antisamos, Avithos, mesmerizing Fiskardo and Assos.

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There are two campings: Karavomilos and Argostoli (both offer tents for rental). If you like caves then here you will have the pleasure to visit Melisani’s Cave and Dogarati’s Cave.

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Furthermore, if you wish to discover the island on foot, you will find a lot of trails to follow. In case you like water sports activities (kite or wind surfing), the island has organized groups to undertake your training.

From Kefalonia you can participate on a daily cruise to Scorpios island, Meganisi island, Ithaki island and Zakynthos island.


Do not leave Kefalonia without tasting Rompola (the local wine with excellent taste) and of course Mandoles (a local red sweet made of almonds and sugar).

Kefalonia has an airport and a ferry connection with Patra, Killini, Ithaca, Bari (Italy), Brindisi (Italy), Astakos, Shinari in Zakynthos island and Vasiliki in Lefkada island.


The weather in Lefkada


Lefkada is not just an island with crystal blue waters but also, the only island of Greece you can visit by car. The beaches of Lefkada are included at the list of the most beautiful beaches of Greece and internationally: Kathisma, Porto Katsiki, Egremni, Aghios Nikitas, Nydri.

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There are a lot of campings located in the island. At Nikiana beach the camping-village Episkopos (also offers studios for rental), at Kathisma beach the camping Kathisma (offers tents for rental), at Poros beach the camping Poros (offers studios for rental). For those who love wind and kite surfing, apart from Ai-Giannis beach and Myloi beach, Vasiliki camping is ideal destination for staying. Vasiliki provides one of the 10 best places of the world for wind surfing.

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Lefkada is also an ideal destination for paragliding experience and for walking routes. At Desimi village (near Nydri) there is the camping Santa Mavra and at Vlichos beach, there is the camping Desimi Beach.

From Lefkada you can participate on a daily cruise to Zakynthos island, Scorpios island, Meganisi island, Ithaca island, Paxos-Antipaxi islands, Kefalonia island, Kalamos and Kastos islands (from port of Nydri).

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One of the best places of interest in Lefkada is  Exanthia village, due to its location. Prefer to drink or eat at the local taverns/cafes before sunset. The landscape view is wonderful!

Furthermore, do not forget to go for a walk to Dimosari waterfalls (near Nydri). The nature scene is great!

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During summer, Lefkada has a ferry connection from Vasiliki beach to Fiskardo beach (Kefalonia island) and from Nydri beach to Sami (Kefalonia island) and Ithaca island.


The weather in Zakynthos


Zakynthos is the island of contrasts: Golden picturesque beaches, rocky inaccessible coasts and innumerable pine forests compose what Homer called the “Levant flower”, because the island is so beautiful like a flower! Bochali village (with panoramic view of the island), Venetian Castle, Hill of Strani (where Dionisios Solomos, Greek poet inspired the national anthem of Greece), Porto Limnionas (ideal for scuba diving).

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The island has so many famous beaches such as: Navagio (shipreck), Argasi, Keri, Gerakas and a lot of others. There are a lot of camping installations at the island. At Alykes camping (you can also rent an appartement), at Laganas the camping Tartaruga, has been called that, due to the existance of turtles Careta-Careta. At Tragaki beach, the camping Zante (also offers tents for rental), is ideal for wind surfing and scuba diving activities. At Psarou beach, the camping Paradise is located.

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Zakynthos is also popular for its National Marine Park (at Gerakas beach) for the protection of animal species: The turtle Careta-Careta and the Mediterranean seal Monachus-Monachus. From Zakynthos you can participate on a daily cruise to Navagio (shipreck) beach and the Blue Caves.

Furthermore from Laganas beach or Limni Keri beach you can participate on a boat trip to Marathonisi island (with sandy beach). At Marathonisi island there is only nature (neither cafeterias nor habitats), so be prepared to have water and food supplies with you.


Zakynthos has an airport. Besides Kyllini port, Igoumenitsa and Bari (Italy), Zakynthos has also a ferry connection with Kefalonia Island, by small boats, sailing from Pesada (Kefalonia island) to Schinari port (north side of Zakynthos) and from Sami (Kefalonia island) to Aghios Nikolaos (Zakynthos island).


The weather in Kythera


The southest island of Ionian complex, Kythera is an ideal destination for those who are seeking for relaxation moments, calmness and serenity during vacations since the island has everything: Castles, caves, windmills (where you can stay), waterfalls (Fonissa) and abstracted beaches.

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Some of the most wonderful coasts of Kythera are: Kaladi, Kalami, Chalkos, Firi Ammos, Fourni, Melidoni. At Kapsali beach, you can find the unique municipal camping called Kapsali (at this beach  you can also rent a pedal boat, canoe or even experience wind surfing).

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From Kythera you can participate on a boat trip to Antikythera island and Chitra islet.

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Discover Kythera island through walking routes. Kythera is popular for its  honey made of thymes and also for olive rusks.

Kythera port has a ferry connection with the port of Piraeus, Githion, Neapolis and Kasteli-Kissamos (Crete island), Antikythera island.


Kasteli – Kissamos (Crete island)

Wherever you decide to travel at Ionian Islands, you will be definitely charmed by the nature beauty of the scenery, the hospitality and the kindness of local habitats.

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“My warmest wishes for unforgettable journeys in Greece”

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