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Για τα ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ.

Below you will find a lot of sites, where you can watch online for free tv series and movies from Greece and around the world (no sign up is necessary). (This site has also the latest cinema films and Netflix series with a variety of subtitles available in lots of languages).

΅Τhe folοwing site has a lot of movies/tv series of Netflix and you can watch them, even in your language (by choosing the relevant subtitles).

Οn the following very funny video, you can watch the answers provided by the interviewer while the company was using a lie-detector machine during the interview for a job, so as to investigate if the interviewer was lying.

To discover the most beautiful beaches of Greek islands you can visit the following link:

Most beautiful beaches

On the following video, you can watch Niagara Falls frozen (during February 2021)! And it seems like the snow is flowing (instead of water)!!! Marvelous view!!

To discover all the campings of Greece (the organized ones in islands and inland) you can visit the following link:


In the following video you will watch 10 minutes with unbelievable moments!!!


If you want to find out the most beautiful beaches of  all the Greek islands (some of them are not famous but unique for their waters, natural beauty and scenery), you can click on the following link:

The most beautiful beaches of Greek islands

Would you like to travel in Greece? Below you will find interested information about the sites of Athens, the campings near the coastal areas of Greece and the islands and a lot of other useful elements to enjoy your stay and vacations in Greece.

Traveling to Greece

If you are interested for the most amazing cafes-restaurants of Attica, Greece then visit our page: CAFE-RESTAURANTS

Do you like Museums? Athens city and the suburbs have a great variety of Museums, which worth a visit and you can find further info about them at the page: MUSEUMS

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