Epirus an astonishment landmark

Epirus is the geographic department of Greece consists of Arta, Ioannina, Preveza and Thesprotia prefecture and widely known for its impressive mountain lines of “Pindos”, the ribbon-like rivers (Acherontas, Acheloos, Voidomatis), the lakes (Pamvotida, Arachthos, Louros), the gorge. As a consequence of this morphology, the waters of sea shores are green blue and the proximate places are full of varicolored vegetation. Epirus is an ideal place for all kinds of alternative tourism activities  (mountaineering, climbing, ski, hiking, mountain biking, kayak, rafting, canoeing etc).

There are a lot of camping installations, organized and close to the sea, at Preveza and Thesprotia Prefecture. Most of the campings are located near magnificent forests and wonderful seaside scenery and offer the chance to travel to Ionian islands, for a daily boat trip experience.


The weather in Preveza

Preveza is a coastal town with lots of taverns, cafe, restaurants, bars, even an open-air theater (which hosts a lot of concerts and theatrical plays during summer), a destination with lots of campings, surrounded by plenty of trees and located quite close to clear blue water beaches. The weather is a little unpredictable, especially during summer months (from June to August), where although it is hot (over 30-35 C), the short summer rains are a very common phenomenon and after these rains, it appears again a shiny sun.

Some of the most beautiful cities of terrestrial Greece is Parga, where  Lichnos camping and apartments is located (it also offers studios/apartments for rental and water sports activities). #camping

From Parga you can participate on a daily excursion to Paxos-Antipaxi islands, Corfu, Sivota beaches, Meteora and Lefkada-Kefalonia and Ithaki island. #paxos #corfu #antipaxos #boat_trip #excursion

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At Valtos beach, there is the camping Valtos (it also offers bungalows for rental). Another camping is Asterias at Kastrosikia beach (it also offers tents, rooms – 2/persons 3/persons or 4/persons – and mobile houses for rental). At Monolithi beach there are two campings, a) the camping Monolithi (it also offers tents or bungalows for rental) and b) the camping Panorama (it offers tents for rental). Very close to Monolithi, there is also another camping Kalamitsi (which offers bungalows for rental). At Riza beach there is the camping Acrogiali (it offers rooms and appartments for rental) and the camping Corali, (it also offers rooms and appartments for rental).#sea #vacations #wonderful #amazing #togo

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Some of the finest sightseeings of Preveza’s prefecture are:

“The castle of Parga” #parga #castles #beach 

“The ancient city and museum of Nikopolis” #nikopolis #museum

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“Zalogo”: The historical place of Zalogo is located in Kamarina village at an altitude of 765m. At the end of 1803, Ali Pasha with his ottoman army, wanted to end once and for all Souliotes (local citizens), the unruly oresivians, who were creating so many problems for the Sultan and his own authority in Epirus. He closely besieged them and forced them to capitulate on December 12th 1803. The main condition of the agreement, which was not kept, was to evacuate their villages with women and children. On December 16th, Souliotes split into three phalanxes and left behind their ancestral land. Souliotisses (women of Souli, about 60 in number according to the historical sources) were surrounded in Zalogo by the Ottoman army, and they preferred to fall with their babies on the cliff and sacrifice themselves, rather than live a life of captivity and dishonor. According to the historical legend, they danced before falling off the cliff! The famous sculptor Georgios Zongolopoulos worked on the construction of the Monument from 1954 to 1960. The inauguration took place on June 11, 1961. #zalogo #danse #important

Nekromanteion (the ancient Greek temple of necromancy). The most famous necromancy of the ancient Greek world is located near the northwestern shores of Lake Acherousia, at the point where the rivers of Hades, the Acheron and the Cokytos, meet. It is a worldwide known monument, because it has to do with the conditions that Ancients Greeks dealt with death. This monument is depicting the legend of the descent of the dead into Hades, the Underworld, via the river Acheron and the world’s most scary boatman “Death”, a process that gave Acheron worldwide fame through painting, literature, sculpture, poetry. The faithful flocked to the Nekromanteion to come into contact with friends and relatives who were not in life, through a mystical process. The ancients believed that the dead could predict the future. Those who wanted to communicate with the souls and get predictions about the future went to the necromancy of Acheron, which was one of the greatest Oracles of Antiquity along with those of Dodona and Delphi. #nekromanteion #sites #ancient #monuments

Acherontas river and springs“: Its name probably comes from the greek word “achos” (=sorrow) and means “the river of sorrow”. According to the Greek mythology, Acheron was the river where Hermes (Greek God) delivered the souls of the deads to Charon, in order for them to end up in Hades. Acherontas is a magnificent destination, with many activities for young and old, such as rafting, kayaking, canyon crossing, boating, horse riding, etc. Along its bank you will find wonderful cafes and taverns with a picturesque view to the river! #acherontas #springs #river

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Dodoni (or Dodona) oracle is a very attractive archaeological site in Ioannina prefecture. For over a millennium and until the 4th century BC the sanctuary of Zeus and Dione at Dodoni was a renown oracle, 2nd in fame only to Delphi. The sanctuary gave prophecies to common every-day concerns that visitors submitted scratched on lead sheets. The priests then consulted Zeus and delivered his divinations by interpreting the rustling of the leaves of the sacred oak (the oak tree visible today was recently planted on the approximate site where the ancient one stood). In our days it hosts the Naia festival which includes athletic contests, theatrical performances and musical events.

At Preveza, next to the beach of Kyani Akti, there are also thermal springs, (therapeutic for those who suffer from chronic rheumatisms, myositis, degenerative injuries, skin ailments, gynecological ailments). 

From Preveza you can also visit Lefkada island (it is about 30min distance driving). #lefkada

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Furthermore if you wish to discover the paradise of Epirus’ polynesia, then you should definitely visit Koronisia (about 1h distance driving from Preveza). The village stretches on a small hill, looking all around at the closed sea and sand islands. The old Byzantine church of the 7th century is remarkable (or according to other scholars of the 10th century), dedicated to Virgin Mary. In Koronisia you will enjoy the food in the fish taverns and explore on foot or by bicycle (if you have one, make sure to take it with you) in the endless straights that “run” without surprises on the embankments! #koronisia

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The weather in Sivota

Thesprotia is a prefecture with mountainous regions as well as beautiful seaside areas. The capital city Igoumenitsa constitutes an important port with a ferry connection to Italy (Bari, Brindisi, Venice and Ancona), Corfu and Paxi islands and Patra. #sivota

There are so many beautiful beaches such as: Perdika, Arillas, Sivota, Drepano, Makrigialos and so many others…

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Some quite memorable sites to visit are the following:

The Mills of Souli. #souli

The old city of Sagiada: A village which was completely destroyed in 1943 during 2nd World War and today there are only the ruins of this village, including the church of Agios Georgios.

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The ancient town of Gitani  or Gitanae is one of the most famous archaeological destinations of Thesprotia, as it is its second (in chronological order) capital. Its foundation dates back to around 335-330 B.C. and for about 150 years, it was one of the most important administrative and economic centers of the region, until its occupation by the Romans in 167 B.C. The ancient settlement is surrounded on three sides by Kalamas river. Τhe remains of the town includes a small temple with a rectangular floor plan, parts of columns that are located between the architectural members, possibly come from the pronaus in the front part of which there was probably a row of columns. From the excavation of the building, a significant number of female and animal clay figurines and parts of marble statuettes have been discovered. #gitani #gitanae

Perdika’s amusement park: It covers an area of ​​approximately 1.500 acres, smothered in centuries-old plane trees and a wide variety of different trees. The small river of Ai Thanasis is crossed by handmade wooden bridges, with wonderful paths and small waterfalls. #amusement #park

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There are a lot of camping installations in Thesprotia. At Drepano beach there is Drepano camping. At Plataria beach there are, Nautilos camping, Kalami Beach camping and Elena’s camping. These three campings are close to the town of Sivota from which you can organize a daily cruise to Paxos and Antipaxi islands or to the proximate small islands of Mavro Oros and Agios Nikolaos (Diapori beach) islets.

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Another remarkable boat trip, in which you can participate, is related to Igoumenitsa port, with the destination to the port of Lefkimi, at Corfu island.

From Sivota you can also travel to Ioannina city, with the famous Pamvotida lake. This magical destination worths a visit. Do not forget to taste delicious dishes from Epirus traditional cuisine, some of them include different types of pie such as blatsaria (herbal pie with cheese), gabari shrimps (cooked with melted cheese), wild pigs ribs, rabbit stew etc.

Would you like to discover the magnificent islands of Greece? Then you can visit: 

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The most amazing coasts of Greek islands are here. Just click below and dream on being there:

Athens city and the suburbs have a lot of museums and archaeological sites for children and adults. You can find a detail description and useful info about them at: MUSEUMS

To watch popular tv series/films online free (no registration is needed) you can visit the following link: FREE MOVIES

“My warmest wishes for unforgettable journeys in Greece”


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