Camping at Epirus

Για τα Ελληνικά πατήστε  εδώ


Epirus is the geographic department of Greece consists of Arta, Ioannina, Preveza and Thesprotia prefecture and mostly known for its impressive mountain lines (Pindos), its rivers (Acherontas, Acheloos, Voidomatis), its lakes (Pamvotida, Arachthos, Louros), its gorge. As a consequense of its morphology, the waters of shoresides are green blue and the proximate places are full of varicolored vegetation. Epirus is an ideal place for all kinds of alternative tourism activities  (mountaineering, climbing, ski, hiking, mountain biking, kayak, rafting, canoeing etc).

There are a lot of camping installations, organized and close to the sea, at Preveza and Thesprotia Prefecture. Most of the campings are located near magnificent forests and wonderful seaside scenery and offer you the ability to travel to Ionian islands for one day excursion.


The weather in Preveza

Preveza is a coastal town with lots of taverns, cafe, restaurants and bars, a destination with lots of campings, surrounded by plenty of trees and located quite close to clear blue water beaches. The weather is a little unpredictable, especially during summer months (from June to August), where although it is hot (over 30-35 C), the short summer rains are a very common phenomenon and after these rains, appears again a shiny sun. Some of the most beautiful cities of terrestial Greece is Parga, where  Lichnos camping and apartments is located (it also offers studios/appartments for rental and water sports activities). From Parga you can participate on a daily excursion to Paxos-Antipaxi islands, Corfu, Sivota beaches, Meteora and Lefkada-Kefalonia and Ithaki island.  At Valtos beach, there is the camping Valtos (it also offers bungalows for rental). Another camping is Asterias at Kastrosikia beach (it also offers tents, rooms – 2/persons 3/persons or 4/persons – and mobile houses for rental). At Monolithi beach there are two campings, a) the camping Monolithi (it also offers tents or bungalows for rental) and b) the camping Panorama (it offers tents for rental). Very close to Monolithi, there is also another camping Kalamitsi (which offers bungalows for rental). At Riza beach there is the camping Acrogiali (it offers rooms and appartments for rental) and the camping Corali, (it also offers rooms and appartments for rental). Some of the finest sightseeings of Preveza’s prefecture are: The castle of Parga, the ancient city and museum of Nikopolis, Zaloggo, Nekromanteion (the ancient Greek temple of necromancy). At Preveza town there are also thermal springs, (therapeutic for those who suffer from chronic rheumatisms, myositis, degenerative injuries, skin ailments, gynecological ailments).

Alonaki Beach, Preveza

Alonaki Beach, Preveza

Vrachos – Loutsa Beach, Preveza

Vrachos - Loutsa Beach, Preveza

City of Parga


Monolithi Beach, Preveza


Preveza Coasts from above


The weather in Sivota

Thesprotia is a prefecture with mountainous regions as well as beautiful seaside areas. The capital city Igoumenitsa constitutes an important port with a ferry connection to Italy (Bari, Brindisi, Venice and Ancona), Corfu and Paxi islands and Patra. There are so many beautiful beaches such as: Perdika, Arillas, Sivota, Drepano, Makrigialos and quite memorable sites to visit: The Mills of Souli, the old city of Sagiada, the ancient towns of Gitani and Fotiki, Perdika’s amusement park with bridges, paths and small waterfalls, Acheron (river) spings. At Acheron (river) springs, you can enjoy rafting, kanoe-cayak, horse riding, trekking, paragliding and many other activities. There are a lot of camping installations at Thesprotia. At Drepano beach there is Drepano camping. At Plataria beach there are, Nautilos camping, Kalami Beach camping and Elena’s camping. These three campings are close to the town of Sivota from which you can organize a daily cruise to Paxos and Antipaxi islands or to the proximate small islands of Mavro Oros and Aghios Nikolaos. Another worthy daily cruise, in which you can participate, is related to Igoumenitsa port, with the destination the port of Lefkimi, at Corfu island. The city of Ioannina with the famous Pamvotida lake is also an important place of  interest, worth to visit. Do not forget to taste delicious dishes from Epirus traditional cuisine, some of them include different types of pie such as blatsaria (herbal pie with cheese), gabari shrimps (cooked with melted cheese), wild pigs, rabbit stew etc.

Plataria Beach, Thesprotia

Plataria, Thesprotia

Sivota Beach, Thesprotia

Sivota, Thesprotia

Karavostasi – Perdika Beach, Thesprotia

Karavostasi - Perdika Beach, Thesprotia

Sarakiniko Beach, Thesprotia

Sarakiniko Beach, Thesprotia

Thesprotia’s Coasts from above

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