Explore the beauties of Central Greece

Would you like to find out the best beaches of Athens, the most interested places of Evia,the most important destinations of Central Greece?

Central Greece is geographically situated in the middle of Greece hence providing a wide variety of interesting destinations that can be easily accessed from Athens. There are a lot of attractions here, sandy or pebble beaches, crystal blue waters, ancient sites, museums and places of immense archaeological value in Attica, Viotia, Evia and elsewhere, mountains for trekking, rivers for rafting and even healing thermal springs. There are enough camping installations in Attica, Evia and Fthiotida prefecture.



The weather in Athens


Athens is the capital city of Greece with a long history, splendid archaelogical sites, picturesque neighborhoods, a place dedicated to the ancient Goddess Athena according to the mythology. Some of the most important sites to visit are, indicative:

The historic center of Athens has been converted into a pedestrian zone and includes lots of beautiful cobbled little roads appareled with multicolored flowers, shopping stores, cafes, restaurants and bistrots (Plaka, Anafiotika, Philopappou Hill, Kolonaki).

Attica prefecture has also three known ports, Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrion and two additional, Agia Marina (near Marathonas) and Perama (near Piraeus). Through the three first ports, the capital city has a ferry connection with the islands of Aegean Sea, Evia prefecture, Kythera island, Kavala and Crete island.

From Agia Marina port, you can travel to Nea Stira (Evia), and from Perama port to Salamina island. From Lavrion a visitor can participate to a daily cruise to Makronisos island (an island with magical coasts and crystal blue waters). From Lavrio port you can also carry out a day trip to Kea island. From Piraeus port you can visit Syros, Tinos, Aegina – Agistri island, Spetses, Poros, Hydra island on  a daily excursion. You can find useful information about the islands of Argosaronic Gulf (Hydra, Spetses, Poros, Aegina, Agistri) at the following link:


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Attica is surrounded by wonderful mountains: Mont Parness (Parnitha), Himitos, Penteli, Kitheronas, which give to the visitor/climber the opportunity to explore them through trails. At Mont Parness there are two lodges Flabouri and Mpafi, both of them have a restaurant, offer accommodation and the ability to participate to multi outdoor activities. Also at Mont Parness there is a casino which is accessible through teleferiks.

In Attica there is also the lake Beletsi, an ideal destination for one day excursion. Near the lake there are taverns and you can walk through the trails among pine forest.

Another beautiful lake is located in Antonis Tritsis environmental Park among Agii Anargiri, Kamatero and Ilion municipalities. Since most Attica’s wetlands have been diminished or dried out during the last decades, the 2 artificial lakes are highlighted in the scenery. In the park there is also the Queen’s Amalia’s Tower, a royal villa which used to belong to the Royal Family of Greece. There are scheduled tours (in English language) being organized in the Tower, the winery, the organic vineyard, the stable with horses. The visitors have the opportunity to learn about the life and culture of the Royal family, the history of the buildings and taste and even purchase the great wines produced in the vineyards.

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Attica is a blessed city because apart from the mountains and the Mediterranean climate, there are a lot of beaches only a few kms away from the city center and the suburbs, such as Psatha, Porto Germeno, Saronida, Anavissos (ideal for wind surfing), Kalamos, Marathonas, Loutsa, Porto Rafti, Keratea.

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One of the campings of Attica prefecture is Poseidon, located at the beach of Alepochori.

Alepochori Beach, Attica

Psatha Alepochori Beach

At Sounio there is the camping Βacchus, which is open during all the months of the year.

At Nea Makri beach, there is the camping Nea Makri.

Nea Makri Beach, Attica

Nea Makri Attica

In Athens there is also an airport (Eleftherios Venizelos).

Would you like to discover some of the most interested for there location and decoration cafe-restaurants of Attica? Then you can press here

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In Athens city there is also an aquarium, zoo parks, dinosaur park, and a lot of farms, amusement parks for families with kids. You can discover them at the following link (and choose the translation into English at the end of the opening page): For Families&kids


The weather in Chalkida


Evia is the mainland island of Greece due to the fact that it is connected with two bridges with Central Greece. Evia is a geographical department that combines the many forests in the north with the rocky scenery (similar to cyclades islands) at the south part. The capital city is Chalkida (about 1 hour journey by train or bus from Athens). Chalkida is a cosmopolitan town, famous for the tidal phenomenon of Euripus (another place of Greece with the same phenomenon is Prasonisi beach in Rhodes island). Some of the most important sites of Evia are:

  • The sanctuary of Phoebe Goddess (Artemis) at Aulis.

  • The ancient theater of Eretria.

  • Iseion, a temple sacred to the goddess Isis and other Egyptian deities, at Livadia region, Eretria.

  • The dragon houses of southern Evia.

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Castello Rosso, Karistos

Evia is an ideal destination for weekend escapes near Athens. There are so many beaches some of them very popular, such as Alikes at Drosia, Chiliadou with light blue crystal waters, Aghia Anna – Aghios Georgios – Ellinika – Rovies – Limnionas (north Evia), Potami and Aghios Dimitrios (near Karistos), Kalamos, Korasida (south Evia). For those who are funs of kite surfing the ideal beaches are: Liani Ammos (near Chalkida), Marmari and Lefkanti (south Evia) and Pefki (north Evia). 

There are a lot of camping facilities at this great island and Club Agia Anna is one of them. It is enlisted in the 10 best campings of Greece due to the fact that it offers many activities for the campers (including a variety of activities addressed to children). The camping offers tents, bungalows, studios and Yurts for rental. Another camping at the same beach is Oasis Village (it also offers bungalows for rental).

Aghia Anna Beach, Evia Island

Santa_Anna Evia

At Pefki beach, southern Evia, there is the camping  Pefki (the relevant info is provided through facebook page) and it offers also bungalows for rental. From Pefki, during summer months, you can participate on daily cruises to Skiathos, Skopelos or Lichadonisia islands. From Agios Georgios beach you can also visit Lichadonisia islands on boat. Near Pefki there is a small village which is called Gouves. In Gouves you will meet the gorgeous tower of Drosinis (a famous greek poet and Journalist). The tower is operating as a museum.



At Aidipsos town, there are thermal  healing springs (therapeutic for those who suffer from chronic or sub-acute rheumatism, deforming arthritis, spinal arthritis, neuritis, ischialgia, lower-back morbidity, post-traumatic ankylosis and deformities, chronic gynecological conditions, skin diseases, respiratory diseases). Aidipsos has a ferry connection with Arkitsa, town of Fthiotida prefecture and Agiokampos port with Glifa port of Fthiotida.

Pefki Beach, Evia


Ellinika Beach, Aghios Nikolaos, North Evia


The camping Rovies, at northern parts of Evia, is located near the Monastery of Osios David,  the Waterfalls of Drimonas and Lichadonisia islands.

Rovies Beach, Evia


At Eretria city, south Evia, there is one camping and it is called Milos (it offers caravans and tents for rental).

Eretria Beach, Evia

Eretria Beach Evia

Chiliadou Beach, Evia

At Alikes, Drosia village, near Chalkida there is one of the most cosmopolitan coastal lines of Evia and the camping Praia Daluz offers you the chance to get inspired and feel like being in an island.

Alikes Beach, Drosia, Evia

Alikes Beach Drosia Evia

Evia is a destination with a variety of choices for interesting excursions. From Mantoudi port there are daily itineraries for Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos island and Volos city. From Kimi port there are itineraries (twice a week) for Skiros island, Skopelos island and Alonnisos island. From Marmari you can organize a daily cruise to the marvelous Petalii islands. For those who like trekking there are a lot of various gorges with incredible nature scenery. Nileas gorge is one of them, Dimosari gorge, Stropones gorge and Agalis gorge, definitely worth a visit.

 Kalamos Beach, Evia

Kalamos Beach Evia

Lichadonisia islands

Lichadonisia, Evia Island

Petalii islands, Marmari, Evia



The weather in Lamia


This prefecture has a rich history due to Spartan King Leonidas and the 300 Spartans who fight for freedom against Persians, at Thermopiles city. Fthiotida is located between great mountains (Parnassos), rivers (Sperchios-Asopos), picturesque seaside (Maliakos gulf) and has the most (in number) thermal springs, equipped with modern tourist facilities. Some of the unique sites are:


Statue of Leonidas

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  • Ipati, Mavrilo, Makrakomi and so many other villages with their unique view, lush greenery and the historical remains of another era.

Fthiotida has so many different coastal seaside some of them are: Kamena Vourla, Glifa, Aghios Konstantinos, Karavomilos, Livanates, Raches (for kite surfing lovers).

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From Arkitsa’s port there are daily itineraries to Aidipsos (Evia), and from Aghios Konstantinos port there is a ferry connection with Skiathos and Skopelos islands. From Glifa port there are daily itineraries for Agiokampo (Evia) and daily cruises also to Skiathos island. From Kamena Vourla you can participate on a daily excursion to exotic Lichadonisia islands.

Lichadonisia, Evia Island

Lichadonisia, Evia Island

This prefecture is surrounded by mountain lines and as a consequence it has three highland lodges (which offer accommodation) and a visitor can participate on a hiking excursion: Oiti lodge, Grameni Oxia  lodge and Kalidromo lodge (near the beautiful lake of Nevropolis).

Lake of Nevropolis


Fthiotida has many camping facilities near the coastal line. Venezuela camping is located at Aghios Serafim beach and very close to Thermopiles thermal springs. At Aghios Konstantinos beach, there is the camping Blue Bay, and camping Interstation is located between Stilida beach and Karavomilos (it offers bungalows and cabins for rental). Another glamorous multi purpose camping is Nisi (near Karavomilos beach) and it offers bungalows, tree houses, luxury tents or cob for rental.

Fthiotida prefecture has a lot of thermal springs:

  • Thermopiles (therapeutic for those who suffer from rheumatisms, gynecological ailments and ailments of the peripheral nerves)

  • Ypati (therapeutic for those who suffer from ailments and syndromes of the vessels, arterial hypertension, ailments of the heart and the skin, chronic ailments of the nervous system)

Ypati's thermal springs

Ypati’s thermal springs

  • Dranista-Kaitsa (therapeutic for those who suffer from arthritis, neuropathies, neurological ailments, chronic rheumatisms, lombosciatalgia, spondyloarthritis, degenerative arthritis, myalgia, headaches, cervical syndrome, gynecological ailments)

  • Platystomo (therapeutic services such as hydrotherapy for rheumatisms, arthritis, skin ailments, gynecological ailments)

  • Paleovraha (therapeutic for those who suffer from cervical syndrome, arthritis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, light skin ailments)

Paleovracha's thermal springs

Paleovracha’s thermal springs

  • Kamena Vourla (therapeutic services such as balneotherapy for ailments of the musculoskeletal and integumentary system)

  • Ekkara (therapeutic services such as hydrotherapy for ailments of the musculoskeletal system and degenerative arthritis, skin ailments, rheumatisms and autoimmune ailments, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis of the hip and knee, fibromyalgia and inhalation therapy for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

Athens, Chalkida and Lamia are three cities located very close to the rest towns and prefectures of Central Greece. Below you will find useful information about important sites, excursions, hiking trails you can visit while you are staying in the above beautiful cities (or campings).

  • Viotia Prefecture:

    • Kryas Springs (a place with lots of taverns and springs, ideal destination for a daily excursion from Athens).

    • Arachova and ski resort of Parnassos mountain.

    • Hiking on the mountain Elikonas.

  • Fokida Prefecture:

    • Trizonia islands (from Chania village), ideal destination for a daily excursion from Athens. Trizonia have a boat connection with Chania village (near Galaxidi).


  • Aitoloakarnania Prefecture:

    • This prefecture is very famous for its impressive castles (Nafpaktos, Mesologi, Vonitsa).

    • The wonderful lakes, rivers (rafting at Evinos), gorge, coastal seaside and trekkings at the paths of Panaitolikos mountain.

    • Its incredible gastronomy (eels at Mesologi and gabares -specie of shrimps- at Vonitsa).

    • From Mitikas beach, you can organize a boat excursion to Kastos island.


  • Evritania Prefecture:

    • Evritania is the prefecture of outdoor activities, for rafting, Trikeriotis river (near Karpenisi). The spectacular view is breathtaking.

    • There are a lot of gorge, for hiking lovers (Panta Vrechi, Mavri Spilia).

    • There are a lot of ski resorts (Karpenisi, Velouchi), during winter months.

    • Lake of Kremaston (for hiking and daily excursion).

Lake Kremaston, Evritania

Kastos island (from Mitikas beach, Aitoloakarnania Prefecture)

Peloponnese peninsula is a popular destination close to Athens city. Peloponnese has magical surroundings, sandy beaches, medieval castles, impressive gorge, rivers for rafting, mountains for climbing and trekking, ski resorts, picturesque villages, nearby islands and a lot of historical sites which you will discover at:


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