The exciting islands of North-east Aegean Sea


The islands of North-east Aegean sea are full of mountains and hills, imposing castles, breathtaking landscape, enchanting seashores and a rich history. Ikaria, with amazing coastal lines. Fourni and Thimena islands, with the fjiord-like inlets and delicious seafood. Samos and Samiopoula for the astonishing Tunnel of Eupalinos, a 1036-metre-long aqueduct that is considered to be one of the most important technical achievements of the 6th century BC. Chios, with medieval fortified towns full of atmosphere and stunning architecture. Mytilene, to enjoy a relaxing and therapeutic bath at the famous Hot Springs of Eftalou. Lemnos, Agios Efstratios, Psara, Antipsara, Agios Minas, Oinousses, Samothrace (Samothraki) and Thasos island are unique undiscovered destinations for summer vacations. All these islands have a ferry connection with Piraeus, Rafina and Lavrio port (estimated duration of journey 8-16 hours). Furthermore, some of them have also airports: Ikaria, Samos, Mytilene, Chios and Lemnos.


The weather in Lemnos


Lemnos is considered the island of Hephaestus (ancient Greek God of fire, forge and volcano). The island has mysterious ancient settlements, endless golden beaches and great winemaking tradition, it is one of Greece’s most enigmatic islands. The most important sites are the following:


  • The cave of Philoctetes.

  • Lemnos is a volcanic island. The petrified lava has been frozen in all sorts of bizarre shapes.

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  • In this island you will discover the extraordinary ammothines (sand dunes or differently “Sahara desert” of Lemnos).

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  • Poliochne the ancient and oldest city of Europe.


  • Hephaestia: The biggest and oldest town of Lemnos. The excavations brought to light a sanctuary, necropolises, baths, a big construction – palace, wells and a large number of objects that are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Myrina. The most important monument that was discovered is the ancient theater.

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  • The petrified forest of Moudrou.

  • Lemnos is also known for its rich fauna and flora. Sergitsi, Diavates, Kompio, Kastria, Tigani, Karvalas and Prasonisi islets are protected areas and belong to natural reserves of the net Natura 2000 as they host big reproductive colonies of seabirds.

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One of the most popular beaches is Keros, where the camping  Surf Club Keros is located. It is a luxury camping-paradise for those who love wind and kite surfing (this camping also offers tents and studios for rental and you can attend surfing courses).

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Some of the picturesque coastlines of this island are the followings: Skidi, Aliki, Mikro & Megalo Fanaraki, Parthenomitos, Zematas, Pigadeli of Panagia, Neftina, Evgati and a lot of others.

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At Therma (village near Myrina), there are thermal springs (therapeutic for those who suffer  from rheumatisms, arthropathy, arthritis, osteoporosis, spondyloarthritis, kidney stones, choleolithiasis).

If you like cycling or trekking, in Lemnos you will discover a lot of paths to follow. From Lemnos you can participate on a daily excursion to Agios Efstratios island with its unique oak forest that gives you priceless opportunities for walks and reveries and the sea caves, where the Mediterranean seal, Monachus monachus, finds an ideal haven.

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The traditional products of Lemnos are: The cheese “kalathaki”, thyme honey, wines (Moschato of Alexandria), samsades (a local rolled sweet with almonds and sesame similar to baklava).

Lemnos has an airport and a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus, Lavrio, Agios Efstratios, Chios, Ikaria, Kavala, Lesvos, Mykonos, Patmos, Samos (Vathi, Karlovasi) and Syros.


The weather in Thasos


Thasos is an island for nature lovers. It has pine and fir forests, sandy beaches, crystal emerald waters, quaint villages, and even trails if you want to walk, watersports if you wish to be adventure. 

The island has so many beautiful beaches: Saliara, Gkiola, Paradise, Chrisi Akti (Golden Beach is ideal for water sports activities), Vathi, Papalimani and so many others.

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There are three organized campings in Thasos. At Skala Panagias the Golden Village camping is located (it also offers tents for rental). At Pefkari beach there is the camping Pefkari (it also offers caravans, tents, wooden houses, studios for rental). At Skala Prinou beach, there is the municipal camping Prinos.

A wonderful and rapid waterfall (it is called Kefalogourna), falling from a huge limestone, is being formed in the central stream of Theologos village, receiving water from Agia Vasiliki springs.


Some of the most important sites to visit are: The ancient Agora, the sanctuaries of Hercules, Dionysos, Artemis (Diana) and Poseidon, the Acropolis with its incredible view and the 5th-century BC theater – all testaments to the island’s long history.

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From Thasos you can participate on a daily cruise around the island. During summer months a Cultural Festival is taking place in several locations of the island, including theatrical performances, music events, concerts, educational activities for children, all these free of charge.

Thasos has a ferry connection with the following ports: Kavala, Keramoti, Samothraki and Alexandroupolis.


The weather in Samothrace


Samothraki or Samothrace is the island of Aeolus (ancient Greek god of winds) and according to the myth, Poseidon (God of the sea) sat on Saos. Saos means the moon and it is the highest mountain of the island and Aegean sea too. Poseidon, from Saos, was watching the Trojan war and also had an excellent view to Thrace and from the combination of words, Saos and Thrace, became the name Samothrace. Samothrace is an arcane island with archaeological treasures, streams and waterfalls, springs, gorge and wonderful beaches. The island’s Hora is an amazing settlement with picturesque little houses and tiled alleys that will impress you at first sight. The island is all green, with dense vegetation, ponds, and also lots of bird species. 

This island is worldwide known for the imposing statue of the winged Victory of Samothrace which decorates the Louvre Museum in Paris.


The most important monument of Samothrace is the Sanctuary of the Great Gods, where the “Kaviria Mysteries” took place.

The island has only one municipal camping, which is called Varades. Samothrace has so many allure beaches such as Pachia Ammos, Kipos (with black volcanic pebbles and dark deep waters), Vatos and you should definitely visit Fonias and Gria’s gorge (or else vathra which means natural small lake with waterfalls).

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Samothrace is also popular for its thermal springs at Therma village (therapeutic for those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, chronic rheumatism, gynecological ailments, peripheral vasculopathies, secondary skin ailments and obesity).

The island is also suitable for hiking, mountaineering, climbing and crossing of canyons. Samothrace has an airport and a ferry connection with Alexandroupolis port and Lemnos (only during summer months).

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