Chios the adventurous & unexplored island

The weather in Chios

The island of Homer, mastic and flowers! Chios is a destination that combines the modern with the traditional way of life. It will undoubtedly charm you with its untamed nature, impressive landscapes, and wild, undiscovered beauty. The tall houses with the all green yards and the little gardens in Hora will impress you. Some of the most important sites to visit are the following:

The Mastic Museum of Chios.

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Anavatos: A MedievalByzantine tower-village.

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The cave of Olympoi village

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Chios is one of those islands where one can discover a new beach every day. But if we can say that there is only one emblematic beach,then this is Mavra Volia with its three successive bays, deep waters and volcanic landscape. Other famous beaches of the island are Agia Foteini, Komi, the beach of Nagos and Managros, Kato Fana and the beach of the very picturesque Agios Isidoros.

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In Chios you can experience a lot of outdoor activities such as: Hiking, scuba diving, cycling. During Easter, a unique, impressive rocket war is taking place at Vrontado village between the two churches of the village in order to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ on Holy Saturday.

While staying in Chios you can participate on a daily cruise to Turkey, Cesme and Izmir, Smirni.

Another amazing boat trip includes Oinouses and Psara islands.

Agiasmata is a village in northern Chios, known for its thermal baths. The natural water from Agiasmata is also being used for the production of mastic based cosmetics. The thermal springs have a temperature of 55C and the waters are ideal for therapy of rheumatic diseases, arthritis, sciatica, lumbago, skin disorders, disorders of the nervous system, gynecological diseases, injuries – sprains – fractures, tendonitis. The springs are close to the beach, and the baths are open from July until October.


Agiasmata Thermal Springs

Chios has an airport and a ferry connection with the following ports: Piraeus and Lavrio (from Mesta port), Ikaria, Oinousses, Kavala, Lesvos, Limnos, Mykonos, Patmos, Psara, Rhodes, Samos (Vathi, Karlovasi), Syros, Turkey (Cesme).



The weather in Psara

This little island of Aegean sea with the amazing seas is a heaven on earth for the ones seeking alternative holidays, isolation and serenity. Whether you are on a day trip from Chios or here for a longer break in the clear blue seas of the north-east Aegean, lovers of pristine beauty and authentic hospitality will find that Psara offers unique opportunities for enjoyment. Some of the must things to do in Psara are the following:

  • To visit the legendary Monastery of the Assumption, which houses a valuable collection of historic artifacts, manuscripts, and holy texts printed in Moscow and Venice. An icon of the Virgin Mary painted by El Greco was once kept here before it was taken to Syros. From the monastery, the eye takes in the vastness of the sea from Lesvos and Skyros to Mount Athos.

  • To climb the legendary Mavri Rachi (Black Ridge Hill), topped by a monument commemorating the Holocaust of Psara and the sacrifice of the 120 islanders who, on 22nd June 1824, decided to blow up the small powder magazine and themselves with it, rather than capitulate to the Turks. Stay until sunset to view the magnificent colors of the island.

  • To visit the adjacent island of Antipsara and swim at Psili Ammos, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. A sanctuary for rare seabirds, the island is part of the Natura 2000 network.

With more than 40 beaches, tiny Psara has plenty of options for visitors. The most popular are the stretches of sand on the west coast, while those on the eastern shore have rocks and pebbles that are perfect both for the more adventurous and for those who love seclusion. Whichever you choose, the crystalline blue sea is stunning. It is worth discovering the following beaches: Katsouni, Lazaretta, Kato Gialos, Laka, Limnos, Ftelio, Fanari and so many others.

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In Psara you will enjoy walking. The distances are very short so you will easily go everywhere on foot. You can, of course, rent a bicycle, or find a boat owner, who will take you to the closest islands’ beaches. 

If you choose one of the itineraries to Psara, you’ll have the chance to sample exceptional lobster linguine, as there is a large lobster fishing ground around the island. Also try delicious stuffed goat, risotto with cuttlefish ink, and koufota (a kind of pasta). Before leaving, sample some of the excellent local honey.

Psara has a ferry connection with the following ports: Lesvos, Chios, Piraeus and Lavrio.



The weather in Oinouses

Oinousses is a complex of 9 small islands and islets, located between Turkey and Chios. The largest and only inhabited island is called Oinoussa or Aignousa according to the locals. It is believed that the name of the island is derived from the root of oinos, the Ancient Greek word for wine. According to another version, the name ‘Aignousa’ by which the locals are used to refer to their island to this day, comes from the ancient word for the willow trees that grow everywhere on the islands.

Oinousses is an ideal destination if you are looking for a peaceful vacation in a pristine paradise, away from the big crowds. Oinousses are great for a few-day holidays in order to relax and enjoy the sun, the crystal clear waters of the stunning beaches and bays, as well as the unique natural beauties. Furthermore, do not miss to try fresh fish and seafood in the seaside taverns.

Oinousses village, the capital of Oinousses island, is built on top of a seaside hill, on the south side of the island. Right across the harbor lies the verdant Pateroniso islet while the first thing you see arriving in the harbor is the bronze statue of a mermaid.

Oinousses are full of beaches and small bays with blue, mirror-like waters! Most of them are easily accessible by car or even on foot. Some of the most popular coasts are: Zepagos, Kastro, Farkero, Bilali, Hatzalis, Tzelepi.

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One of the most important sites to visit is the Maritime Museum. Here you will have the opportunity to learn about the naval history of Oinousses. Ship models, naval instruments, documents, old photographs, paintings and books will take you to other eras!

Oinousses have a ferry connection with the ports of Chios, Piraeus and Kavala. Alternatively you can take the boat from the village of Lagkada (on Chios), as it will transfer you to Oinousses in merely 20 minutes.

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