Travel to resplendent Peloponnese


Peloponnese is one of the most popular geographic departments of Greece due to:

  • Its close distance from Athens

  • Important archaeological sites (ancient Olympia, Epidaurus, Mycenae)

  • Natural beauty (mountains, ski resorts, trails, rivers – rafting, caves, marvelous coastal lines)

  • Nearby islands for daily cruises (Kythera, Hydra, Spetses, Poros)

And all of these good reasons make Peloponnese a lovable destination for vacations.


Weather in Corinthos


Corinthos is a city, quite close to Athens (there is a suburban connection with the central train station of Athens, Larissa station). Corinthos is also an ideal destination for one day excursion. Some of the most important sites are:

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  • The picturesque village of Trikala Corinthos (especially during winter months).

  • The temple of Zeus, the Stadium of Nemea and the archaeological museum of Nemea. Νemea is very popular for its wineries. During the first weekend of September there is a local fest called: “The Great days of Nemea” with the local wineries, organizing a variety of events with free entrance to celebrate the new crops.

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  • Ancient Corinthos and the castle of Acrocorinthos (with free entrance). In Ancient Corinthos you can explore the temple of Apollo as well as the archaeological museum.

Some of the most clear and beautiful coasts of the area are: Vouliagmeni lake, Asos, Kechries, Kalamia, Kalogerolimano. For kite and wind surfing fans Vravhati, Kalamaki, Xylokastro and Lecheo beach are ideal for such activities.

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The baths of Oreas Elenis (beautiful Helen of Troy) is a location with wonderful thermal springs. According to the Greek Mythology, Helen of Troy used to take her baths there, in order to preserve her beauty. The temperature of the springs is about 20-21C and the water is appropriate for curing diseases of the musculoskeletal and nervous system, of the peripheral vascular system, as well as for skin and gynecological diseases.

Corinthos has two campings: The first one is Alkioni (near Schinos-Loutraki beach) and the second one is Blue Dolphin in Lecheo.

In Loutraki there are also thermal springs (with spa including hydrotherapy for chronic rheumatisms, chronic rheumatoid arthritis, spondylarthrite, sciatica, infections of the skin, allergic skin ailments, psoriasis, eczema and mineral water drinking therapy for heart ailments, digestive ailments, disorders of the circulatory system, liver failure, kidney stones, cholelithiasis).

Corinthos is a very popular prefecture for hiking groups, as there are a lot of trails in nearby mountains and lakes (Ziria, Flabouritsa, Dasiou lake, Karia, Stimfalia lake) and furthermore the ski resort of Ziria.

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In Athens (and Attica) there are a lot of groups (mountaineering, naturalists, hikers, trekking), which organize hiking excursions to the mountains of Peloponnese and Central Greece! You can be further informed about them at:

Hiking excursions groups


The weather in Argos


Argolida is another prefecture of Peloponnese full of history, great monuments, ancient theaters and a lot of important sites including caves, museums, castles and furthermore breathtaking mountains and crystal blue clear waters.

Some of the sightseeing are:

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  • The ancient theater of Epidaurus which includes performances every summer, at Epidaurus Annual Festival

  • In Ancient Epidaurus area, at the bay of Agios Vlasios, on the beach Kalymnios there is a sank city, which is lying quite close to the beach and in a depth of 2meters under the sea surface. This submerged city includes building foundations of 12th century B.C. as well as Mycenaean tombs and amphorae. From above, one can even see cobblestones on which the inhabitants of the area used to walk centuries ago. According to the archaeological research, the “Sunken City”, is a large rural Roman villa (Villa Rustica), which was inhabited by wealthy Romans as well as their staff.

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  • The amazing city of Nafplio, Palamidi and Bourtzi

  • The prehistoric cave of Kefalari. Kefalari is a small village where the church of Virgin Mary of Life Giving Fountain, is lied on the entrance of the cave. Around the church there is the picturesque Erasinos river.

Some of the most incredible coasts of the area are: Tolo, Kondili, Nea Kios, Arvanitia, Karathonas, Drepano, Vivari.

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There are a lot of camping installations here and the presentation has been held in random series. In Plaka, Drepano beach there are three campings Τriton ΙΙ,  New Triton and Argolic Strand. Triton ΙΙ has also wooden houses for rental (they are called tropical villages). In Tolo beach there is the camping Sunset (it offers cabins and bungalows for rental) and Lido camping (it also offers bungalows for rental).

Some other campings of Argolida are: Kastraki and Xeni (they both offer cabins, rooms and bungalows for rental) in Ancient Assini. There are two campings Skala and Iria (it offers cabins for rental) in Kantia village. Lefka camping is located in Vivari village and the camping Posidon at Irion beach (it also offers bungalows for rental). All the above campings are very close to Nafplio city. At the area of Palea Epidaurus and close to the ancient theater of Epidaurus, there are three additional campings: Nicolas I, Nicolas II and Bekas (all of them also offer studios for rental). In Gialasi, near ancient Epidaurus there is the camping Verdeli.



A few kilometers away, there are the thermal springs of Methana (therapeutic for those who suffer from arthritic ailments such as slipped disc, rheumatoid arthritis, deforming arthritis, spondylitis, in dermatological problems).

Argolida prefecture is very popular also for hiking excursions since there are a lot of archaeological sites and paths to explore this beautiful destination. At the foot of Mount Didymos in Argolida, there is a unique geological phenomenon. The land has sunk into two places that look like volcanic craters. The huge craters have been created by the subsidence of the ground due to the underground water of the mountain. The craters are about the same diameter, so the locals called them twin caves or sinkholes (“Dolines”). On the walls of the craters there are two small churches of Agios Georgios and Transformation of Jesus Christ.

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From Tolo beach you can participate on a daily cruise to Spetses or Hydra island. From Tolo you can also visit the unique rocky islets of Romvi, Koronisi or Daskalio.


Romvi, Koronisi, Daskalio islets

Porto Cheli has a ferry connection with the ports of Piraeus, Spetses (island), Ermioni, Hydra (island) and Poros (island). Ermioni has a ferry connection with the ports of Piraeus, Hydra, Poros, Spetses and Porto Cheli.

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The weather in Patra


Patra is one of the most beautiful coastal cities of Greece, a magnificent combination of mountains, rivers and sea lines, Patra is also famous for its carnival festival, mavrodafni wine and tendura (liquer). Some of the most important sites of Achaia prefecture are:

  • The new archaeological museum  of Patra

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Appolo theater

Apollo Theater

  • The mythical Cave of the lakes near Kalavrita village. According to the myth, the daughters of the King of Tiryns Proetus, Lysippe, Iphinoe and Iphianassa found refuge in a cave in the Aroania, above Nonacris, when they were obsessed by madness, imposed as a punishment, either because they boasted that their palace was more beautiful than the temple of Hera, or because they did not respect the goddess’ xoanon. The spacious and impressive natural entrance (3.50 m high and 6.50 m wide) could not have gone unnoticed by passers-by. Lakes in the interior of a cave (13 in number) are neither common around the world, nor in Greece, where they constitute a unique geological phenomenon.

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  • Odontotos rack railway excursion from Diakopto village to Kalavrita village. With a unique route of about an hour starting from Diakopto, Odontotos crosses the Vouraikos gorge, passes by the village of Zachlorou and ends in Kalavrita. Τhe route of about 20km takes place between wild landscapes with waterfalls, next to paths in a green and enchanting environment.

  • Saint Andrews cathedral (the largest orthodox church of Greece). Inside this magnificent church, there is the picture of Virgin Mary who hugs the city of Patra’s on, designed on the roof of the temple.

Achaia prefecture has a lot of coasts such as Trapeza Egiou, Aghios Vasilios, Akrata, Drepano (for kite and wind surfing), Akoli, Alissos, Rodini, Loggos and so many others.

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There are also many campings at the nearby areas. In Akrata there is the camping Akrata Beach Camping.

Akrata Beach, Achaia Prefecture

Akrata, Achaea

In Labiri village, the camping Tsolis is located (it also offers bungalows, tents, huts and windmills for rental). In Alissos there is the camping Golden Sunset, (it includes water slides and two swimming pools). In Kato Alissos village, there is the camping Kato Alissos. One of the most beautiful beaches near Alissos is Kalogria and the magnificent forest of Strofilia along the beach.

Kalogria Beach, Achaia Prefecture

Kalogria beach, Achaea

Some of the unique experiences while being in Patra, is related to the daily excursion to the picturesque Tsivlou lake and the forest of firs and chestnuts of Zarouchla. The mountainous Achaia has a lot of routes and trails for hiking excursions.

Tsivlou Lake, Achaia Prefecture


In Araxos, a city in the suburbs of Patra, there is also an airport. From Patra’s port there is a daily ferry connection with Bari – Brindisi – Ancona – Venice (in Italy), Corfu, Paxos, Antipaxi, Ithaki (Pisaetos), Kefalonia (Sami) islands of Ionian sea. From Rio port there are also daily ferry itineraries for Antirion port.


The weather in Pyrgos


One of the most  well known tourist destinations of Greece, the Valley of Gods, is the Ancient Olympia. The place of birth of the Olympic Games and undoubtedly the most important religious and athletic center of Greece and internationally, is  located at Ilia prefecture.

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Similar to the other prefectures of Peloponnese, Ilia is also an ideal destination for vacations, since it is less than 4 hours away from Athens and only 1 hour from Patra’s port, or Kalamata’s airport. There are a lot of beautiful and endless coastal lines with crystal blue waters, sandy beaches and water sports and this prefecture offers also a lot of activities to its visitors.

Some of the most popular beaches are: Glifa, Kyllini, Zacharo, Katakolo, Arkoudi, Kourouta and there are even more which will be presented further below.

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The following sites worth a visit, as they are very important:

  • Ancient Olympia and the archaeological museum (with the sculpted decoration of the temple of Zeus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and the famous sculpture of Hermes of Praxiteles)

  • Neda‘s waterfalls

There are a lot of camping installations in Ilia and the presentation will include only those near the sea and organized-ones. The camping Melissa and Fournia Beach Camping  are near Kyllinis’ castle. Fournia also offers bungalows for rental. Kyllini has a ferry connection with the ports of Zakynthos island, Kefalonia island (Poros and Sami port) and Ithaki.

Kyllini Beach, Ilia Prefecture

Kilini Beach, Ilia

In Kourouta there is the camping Harmony Resort (it offers tents, rooms and bungalows for rental). Kourouta beach, during summer period, resembles with Mykonos island, full of life, stores, taverns, bars and clubs and an amazing night life. Near Kourouta, at Palouki beach there are two campings: Palouki and Paradise (it also offers caravans for rental).

Zacharo beach is a very popular destination due to its sandy endless coastal lines. There are two campings here, Apollo Village and Tholo. In Glifa beach the camping Aginara also offers bungalows for rental.

Very close to Zacharo beach, there are the thermal springs of Kaiafa and Iraia. Kaiafa’s springs have a cave nearby and they are therapeutic for those who suffer mainly from their musculoskeletal system diseases (lower-back morbidity, ischialgia, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, cervical syndrome, spondyloarthritis, psoriatic rheumatism), gynecological and skin diseases and at a distance of about 200 m, there is the Gerani thermal spring, the waters of which, are ideal for positherapy (water drinking therapy). Iraia’s springs are therapeutic for those who suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, skin ailments, gynecological ailments, cervical syndrome.

Near Vartholomio village there are also the Castle of Chlemoutsi and the thermal springs of Kyllini (therapeutic through balneotherapy for those who suffer from arthritis, rheumatisms, skin diseases, asthma and through mud therapy for those who suffer from diseases of the spinal column, nervous system, urinary system, blood vessels and inflammations).

Chlemoutsi castle, Kyllini area

Castle of Chlemoutsi, Kyllini area

And if you wish to participate on rafing activities Erimanthos and Alfios rivers will please you with their unique paths through verdurous scenery.


The weather in Sparti


Lakonia is the land of Sparτans and also a very special destination of Greece due to the important historical monuments, castles and caves, beautiful coasts. Every year thousands of tourists select Lakonia for their vacations due to the following reasons:

  • The archaeological site of Mystras. In Mystra there a lot of taverns with excellent cuisine and inspirational view to the valley of Evrotas’ river.

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  • Diro’s cave: Vlychada Cave in Diros, is one of the most beautiful caves in the world and it is located on the west coast of the Laconian Peninsula, in Diros Bay. Under the sparse Mani landscape, nature has patiently and artistically sculpted a miracle beyond imagination – white stalactites and stalagmites, impressive waterfalls and glittering crystals adorn every corner, creating an incomparable spectacle that takes your breath away. Fossilized bones from panthers, hyenas, lions, deer and ferrets, and the largest deposit of hippo bones in Europe, have been found in the cave. Ceramics suggesting a human presence have been found near the natural entrance to the cave. The tourist route is 1.500 meters in length, of which the first 1.200 are on the lake (inside boats), and the tour lasts about 25 minutes.

  • Kastania’s cave: Rich in density and variety of shapes, colors and figures, Kastania’s Cave is classified as the 2nd of its kind in Europe! In the cave there are numerous impressive formations such as enormous red and white “waterfalls”, the gigantic columns, the “curtains” and the “sheets” that overflow like waxwork from the roof, “octopuses” and “corals” nest, “elephants” and “mushrooms”, “birds” and caricatures, “exotic plants” and monumental creatures. The cave’s surface covers 1.500 square meters separated into two levels and the visitor is guided along a 500-meter route.

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Some of the most picturesque beaches are: Simos in Elafonisos, Plitra and Charakia (Monemvasia), Gerolimenas and Marmari (Mani), Vathi and Mavrovouni (Gythio), Stoupa and Kardamili.

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In the list of the first three best campings of Greece, Simos is considered one of the top due to Elafonisos crystal blue waters. The accommodation includes bungalows for rental (there are also bicycles available for rental). In Elafonisos, 400m from Pounda beach, there is a tiny island named Pavlopetri! Pavlopetri is one of the oldest submerged cities in the world and covers about 50 acres. It includes entire ground floors of building complexes, courtyards, streets, chamber-tombs and cist graves. In particular, the ceramic fragments collected by the archaeologists have led to the conclusion that it is a prehistoric settlement that was occupied for the 1st time in the Neolithic Period between 4500-3200 B.C. This submerged settlement is accessible to visitors. The water is clear and its depth does not exceed 3 meters, which allows anyone on his own, just with a pair of flippers and a mask to tour around the area, to discover the streets of the settlement, the foundations of the buildings and the tombs and to feel first-hand its unique power and magic.

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From Neapolis port a visitor can participate to hiking excursions as well as to climbing activities to Cape Maleas.

Some other campings of the prefecture are: Gythion Bay Camping (it also offers caravans, tents and bicycles for rental). Another camping is Meltemi (near Areopolis, it has also bungalows for rental),  Mani Beach Camping and Porto Ageranos (its accommodation includes rooms and studios for rental). Dias camping is established in Vathi-Gythio area.

From Gythio and Neapolis port you can travel to Kythera and Antikythera island (during summer months since there are daily itineraries).

Gythio port has also a ferry connection with Kissamos (Crete, Chania prefecture).

Lakonia prefecture is full of impressive gorge for hiking and canyoning (Louka, Milon, Smynos, Kastora, Evrotas (river) delta  is one of the last breeding grounds in the Mediterranean for Caretta-Caretta sea turtle and also a lovable destination for canoe-funs.


The weather in Tripolis


Arcadia is located in the center of Peloponnese. It is surrounded by great mountains (Menalo, Parnonas, Taygetos) and furthermore green landscapes, incredible atmosphere and traditional villages. Arcadia has a lot of known monasteries some of them chiseled on the rocks of the mountains and they are looking like pendulous through the clouds. Lousios and Alfios rivers, are passing through this beautiful prefecture and the rafting lovers have the opportunity to meet with the beauties and the virgin nature of this land. The chestnut forest of Vlachokerasia is an ideal destination for hiking excursions.

Lousios gorge, Arcadia Prefecture


Some of the most remarkable sites of Arcadia are:

  • Vitina, Stemnitsa, Karitena picturesque villages

  • Kapsia cave: The cave is part of a system of active and inactive sinkholes in the Mantineia Plateau – there are three sinkholes in front of the entrance to the cave, surrounded by a semicircular stone dam. Its interior is particularly impressive, with incredible stalactite and stalagmite formations, which combined with the rare hues of the rocks is creating a unique scenery that seems out of this world. Particularly impressive is the so-called “Chamber of the Splendid”, where you will witness the most incredible colour shades of any other Greek cave. Many human bones and oil lamps have been discovered inside the cave, evidence of inhabitation in ancient years; most probably during the Neolithic and the Hellenistic eras. According to some researchers, the bones belong to people who drowned in the cave during a flood.

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The majority of the campings are located at the beaches of Tiros, Astros and Leonidio.

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In Tiros, there is the camping Zaritsi, in Astros there are the campings Thirea and Astros, in Leonidio there is the camping Semeli (where a camper can rent a bicycle, attend scuba diving lessons, participate to hikings). From Astros, Tiros and Leonidio, during summer months there are daily cruises to Spetses and Hydra islands.

The mountainous Arcadia is very popular for its gastronomy. Do not hesitate to taste wild boar casserole, winy cock with lazanaki (homemade pasta), herbal pies, marmalades and  other traditional sweets from female partnerships of Arcadia.


The weather in Kalamata


Messinia is located to the south western part of Peloponnese and it is one of the most beautiful destinations due to several reasons. First of all the soft climate conditions (during most months of the year  the weather is shinny), secondly there are so many picturesque villages, green valleys, mountains, gorges and caves, numerous sandy beaches even palaces. Some of the places of interest are:


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The capital city of Messinia is Kalamata, a lively city with plenty of different entertainment options (taverns, clubs, cafes). There are so many different and unique beaches such as: Petalidi, Kalogria, Finikountas, Analipsi, Foneas, Voidokilia, Chrissi Akti, Gialova lagoon, Glossa, Kiparissia.

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There are a lot of  organized campings near the sea in Messinia prefecture. In Finikounta there are also wind surfing clubs (for beginners). The campings are presented below in random series.

Finikes camping, it is enlisted in the 10th best campings of Greece. It offers rooms for rental. There is plenteous vegetation and a lot of natural shade for tents and enough parking areas for cars. Anemomilos, the information about this camping is provided through facebook page. To my experience, this is a very clean and safety camping. Thines,the information about this camping is provided through facebook page. And the last camping of the area is Loutsa.

In Methoni, there is Μethoni camping. In Koroni there is Koroni camping.

Another camping of Messinia prefecture is  Navarino in Gialova area, northern of Pylos. In Tsapi Chrissokelaria beach (near Koroni) there is Tsapi camping. In Petalidi beach there is Petalidi camping. In Kalamata there is the Golden Coast camping  (it also offers apartments for rental).

Messinia is a region with one of the highest biodiversity ratings in Europe, in terms of both species and ecosystems. In Koroni, Arhelon (is a national organization)  operates a program for the  protection of sea turtle Caretta-Caretta.

Messinia land has also a lot of routes for those who like hiking excursions, gorge of Rintomo, Viros and Fonea (with beautiful caves, stone bridges and monasteries nearby).

In Kalamata there is also an airport.

Would you like to discover the beauties of the islands of Greece? Then you can visit: 

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Would you like to find out more useful information about vacations in the inland parts of Greece? Then you can have a look at:

The most amazing coasts of Greek islands are here. Just click below and dream on being there:

To watch popular tv series/films online free (no registration is needed) you can visit the following link: FREE MOVIES

“My warmest wishes for unforgettable journeys in Greece”


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