If you visit Athens for the first time, you should definitely pay a visit, for a coffee,  drink or food, to the following unique – for their decoration and location- places: 

  • Little Kook is located at Psiri’s square, near Monastiraki – Athens. Τhis cafe changes the decoration every season! During Christmas it has relevant Christmas ornaments influenced by Christmas tales (Nutcracker), during Carnival period it has the carnival decoration. In every occasion this place is adorable, furthermore due to the dressing appearance of its stuff: They are all dressed to matched to the season!

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  • Fairytale has two stores: The first one is located at Nea Filadelfia (train station Perissos) the second one in Athens (near Thissio area). In both places the atmosphere is like being in a dreamy place!

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  • Piu Verde is located at Papagou area, Athens (metro station Holargos). This magnificent cafe-restaurant has a unique landscape with the light blue lake in the center and the surrounded pine trees.

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  • Vouliagmeni Lake is located at Vouliagmeni, south suburbs of Athens, in the heart of the Athenian Riviera. This place is a hidden treasure of Attica’s nature. Situated in an idyllic landscape, this rare geological phenomenon is waiting to be discovered. The brackish water of the Lake, which is continuously replenished both by the underground thermal springs and the sea, offers a natural and unique thermal spa experience. Around the lake, there is an exquisite cafe – restaurant.

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  • At the south suburbs of Athens, near Vouliagmeni’s Marine, there is another fabulous cafe-restaurant, which is called Moorings. This place is combining exceptionally the panoramic view of Vouliagmeni’s natural landscape and the glamorous environment of the yachts, Moorings offers its guests a feeling of both calmness and relaxation.

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  • At Piraeus there is a multipurpose facility, Piree. Pirée, the multi-function art space, combines culture and entertainment, hosting also an all day café bar with premium wine labels, exceptional spirits and tasteful finger food suggestions.

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  • Telescope is located at Haidari area (the page is presented on facebook). This gorgeous cafe-bar-restaurant disposes telescopes to its visitors and the unique chance to experience an amazing panoramic view of Athens from the port of Piraeus up to the Olympic Stadium!

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  • Apolis is located at Petroupolis area (west suburbs of Athens). This lounge cafe-bar-restaurant with minimal warm decoration in earthy tones, cosy sofas and seats, wonderful lighting and an outdoor deck with tables to sit comfortable and relax, welcomes you to enjoy your coffee or dinner at any time of the day, while the view of the city will enchant you!

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  • Prasini Tenta is located at the foot of the Lycabettus hill, in the center of Athens. Prasini Tenta is the ultimate destination for young and old, accompanied by their “loyal” friends, providing the opportunity to enjoy fine food, high quality coffee, drinks and cocktails, surrounded by nature, panoramically gazing at every corner of the capital.

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Would you like to experience the Athenian night life (with a detailed list of “Bouzoukia”, Concert Halls, Live stages with popular Greek Artists)? Then you can visit:


And to find out the most popular discotheques in Athens center and the suburbs you can click at:


  • Su Casa, is located at Glyfada area, south suburbs of Athens (tram station Glyfada). Su Casa welcomes you to its cozy “home” in a restored single-family house from the 50s in Nymphon Square. Giving life and breath to a beautiful building again, the all day bar-restaurant uniquely combines the old with the modern, managing to make you feel at home in a careful aesthetic and design space. Su Casa spans two levels that stand out for their warmth and intimacy, has a terrace and vintage decorative touches that will make it your reference point in Glyfada – if it hasn’t already been – both for a coffee or shopping break with friends, as well as for business meetings or lunches/dinners.

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To Treno sto Rouf: Lets get on board on the most well-travelled bar-restaurant in town, inside the cosy, antique rail-cars of the well-known artistic Railway Carriage Theater to Treno sto Rouf, for a journey of taste and culture. Just 10 minutes on foot, away from lively Ghazi entertainment area, on the tracks of the Railway & Suburban Railway Station “Rouf”, the refurbished wagons of the Railway Carriage Theater and the open-air Apovathra (train pier) await you to explore them. You will discover the: Music vagon with live jazz events, wagon bar, wagon restaurant and the theater wagon with popular theatrical plays!

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Of course all the above magnificent places are some of the best worth to visit spots, however, not the only ones. Furthermore there are a few others, very interested cafes/restaurants, where you can enjoy your coffee or lunch, as follows:

    1. A for Athens360Couleur LocaleCity ZenLycabettus Cafe, Thea Terrace Bar, Aegli Zapion, in the center of Athens.

    2. Yades and Zafiro, Galatsi area.

    3. Terra Petra (Petroupolis), Cup cup (Aigaleo), Lake cafe (Ilion, inside Antonis Tritsis’ park), west suburbs of Athens.

    4. Riviera (Voula), Opus Inner Pleasure (Glyfada), Nalu (Alimos), Pantheon (Argiroupoli), Cape Sounion Cafe, south suburbs of Athens.

Would you like to discover the magnificent islands of Greece? Then you can visit: 

The most amazing coasts of Greek islands are here. Just click below and dream on being there:

Athens city and the suburbs have a lot of museums, with wonderful cafes/restaurants inside them and archaeological sites too. Specific  museums (such as Acropolis) have educational programs/activities addressed to children as well. You can find a detail description and useful info about them at: MUSEUMS

To watch popular tv series/films online free (no registration is needed) you can visit the following link: FREE MOVIES 

“Enjoy your stay in Athens”

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