Thessalia an alternative landscape


Thessaly is a geographic department of Greece, mostly known for its outstanding beauty, its imposing mountains covered with pine trees and amazing seaside area. Furthermore due to this morphology, Thessaly constitutes a lovable destination for all those who wish to spend their vacations, not only close to the beautiful coastal scenery but also experiencing different kinds of activities: Hiking, canyoning, scuba diving, rafting, rappel, kayak, mountain bike.


The weather in Volos

This prefecture has a lot of similarities with Sporades islands, because of the pine forests, rivers, waterfalls and picturesque villages. However Volos, cobbles the sea together with the mountain. The ski resorts with the marvelous sandy beaches. The night life of the famous raki-taverns of Volos.

Some of the most interesting sight-seeings are: Athanassakio Archaelogical Museum, Anavros’ modern sculpture coastal park, Centaur’s trail of Pilion. For those who loves trekking, Magnisia has a lot of trail-paths.

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Another unforgettable experience is the trip with the Pelion train (the route between the mountains is full of lush vegetation, plane trees, olives and pine trees and the view to Pagasitikos bay spectacular). Do not miss to visit Tsagarada, a village in the shade of planes and Zagora the apple-tree village!

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Furthermore do not miss the chance to visit the archaeological Hill of Goritsa (the view to the city is concussive).

Magnisia prefecture has so many attractive cities and villages (Pelion, Tsagkarada, Makrinitsa), coasts such as Marathia, Marmaro, Argalasti, Plaka, Melani, Fakistra.

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At the beach Kato Gatzea there is the camping Hellas, (it offers all-inclusive tents for rental, water sports activities: kayak, wind-surfing, water-ski) and the camping Sikia (it also has water sports activities). Some other campings are: Chorefto (a camper can participate in hiking, surfing, bicycling activities), Louisa camping at Platania beach (it also offers tents for rental), Kastri beach camping and Papa-Nero camping, at Agios Ioannis beach (this camping has tents for rental).

If you wish to participate on a cruise to Sporades islands (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos), there are ferry connections from the port of Volos with daily itinerraries, Almiros port and Amaliapolis with Elisabet Cruises.

Ιn Alonnisos island, there is a nearby islet which is called Peristera. In Kalamaki area (of Peristera islet), at a depth of about 30 meters, it was discovered one of the most important shipwrecks of the classical times with hidden treasures. The exceptional condition of this wreck and the findings was the main reason that led to the decision to turn the area into the first visitable underwater archaeological site (museum) in Greece!

The are three more shipwrecks in the area of ​​Magnesia, which are operated as underwater museums. The Enalian archaeological site at the Telegrafos cape of Nies, Sourpi area (a shipwreck from late Roman times), the Enalian archaeological site at Kikinthos islet, Amaliapolis village (a Byzantine-era shipwreck) and the Enalian archaeological site at Cape Glaros Nies, Sourpi area (a Byzantine-era shipwreck with other marine antiquities).

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Near Volos city, in Nea Aghialos area there is also an airport.


The weather in Larissa

Larissa is one of the largest cities of Greece surrounded by fertile plains and imposing mountains (Olympos is the highest mountain of Greece, Ossa mountain), furthermore, a city with historical and archaeological sites as well as endless  coastlines with clear waters and amazing cafes and nightlife.

Some of the most important sites to visit are:


The ancient theater of Larissa

Larissa prefecture has outstanding coasts and in total, three campings: Filoxenia and Aegeas (it offers tents for rental) at Agiokampos beach and Stomio camping at Stomio beach.

Some of the most sublime beaches are: Rakopotamos, Paliourias, Velika, Pigadi Karitsa.

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Larissa is also popular for its thermal springs at Kokkino Nero (curative for urinary and gastrointestinal system diseases).

Kokino Nero Thermal Spa, Larissa

Kokino Nero Thermal Spa, Larissa

Due to its morphology Larissa prefecture is an ideal destination for water sports (surfing, kite-surfing, kayak) rafting, canyoning, paragliding as well as winter sports (ski, mountain bicycle, climbing etc). Before leaving the city do not forget to taste cheeses (galatotiri, nivato or manouri) and the famous greek halva from Farsala (sweet with almonds).

From Larissa you can organize a daily excursion to the magnificent Meteora, one of the most important monuments of Orthodoxy with 24 monasteries, located on the top of the rocks (the distance between Larissa and Meteora is less than 1.30 hour by car).

Meteora, Kalabaka, Trikala Prefecture


Would you like to discover the fabulous islands of Greece? Then you can visit: 

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“My warmest wishes for unforgettable journeys in Greece”


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