Multi days excursions

Would you like to participate on a multi-days journey but you have not decided which destination to choose?

 In this site you will discover a list of the Tourist Offices of Athens-Attica, which organize multi days excursions (and cruises) out of Athens (such as to Mykonos island, Meteora, Crete island) as well as  beyond the borders of Greece. Unfortunately, most of the Greek Tourists Offices, have not developed their web-sites in English language. The presentation has been performed in random series.

1. They also organize cruises.

2. Signature Travel.

3. Κavvadias Tours.

4. Bluesun. They also organize cruises.

5. Argiris Travel.


6. Thiamis Tours.

7. Kyriakakis Tours.

8. Vrakas Tours.

9. Βλασσόπουλος Travel.

10. Pame taksidi.

11. Escape team.

11. Happy Days Travel.

12. Rika travel.

13. Versus Travel.


14. Travel Agency.

15. Dromeas Travel.

16. Diplomat travel

17. Zappas Travel.

18. Cosmotaxidia.

19. Kalidoni Travel.

20. Mouzenidis Travel.

21. RCK Travel.

22. Manessis Travel.

23. Tsanas Travel.


24. Σyrigos Travel.

25. Skantzos Τravel.

26. Oimos Travel.

27. Zorpidis Travel.

28. Massalia Tours.

29. My road trip.

30. Grefis Holidays.

31. Round Travel.

32. Kanon. They organize cultural journeys.

33. Exit Travel Agency.

34. Panos Holidays.

35. Κantzos Travel.


36. Palmos Travel.

37. Red Elephant.

38. Exotic Tours.

39. Travel Offers.

40. Marios Travel.

41. Taxidokosmos.

42. Imagination Travel.

43. Xilouris Travel.

44. Kotsiris Travel.

45. Five* Travel.

46. Butterfly Travel.

47. Bonus Travel.

48. La Playa Travel.

49. Ιrina Tours.

50. Filippis Tours.

51. Nikaia Travel.

52. Famous Travel.

53. Boutros Tours.

54. Ask2travel.

55. L.A. Travel.

56. Κyklos Travel.

57. Freewaytravel.

58. Travel Time.

59. Anassa Travel.

60. Smile Acadimos.

61. Exodos Travel.


62. Laggaris Tours.

63. Global Travel.

64. CDF Travel.

65. Μemnon Travel.

66. Acropolis Travel.

67. Chiotis Travel.

68. Your way travel.

69. Phila Travel.

70. Αnagnostakis Tours.

71. Eurorama Travel.

72. Priority travel.

73. Atholidays.


74. Korona travel.

75. 18-24 Travel.

76. Joy Tours.

77. Travel Mall.

78. Zervas Tours.

79. Our Travel.

80. Patakis Travel.

81. Saronic Tours.

82. Kedros Travel.

83. Sergiani Travel.

84. Stergiou Travel

89. Signature Travel

90. Athanasiadis Travel.


Generally, there are a lot of Tourist Offices which organize similar excursions to the most famous destinations. To my experience, before you proceed to any reservation, visit at least 2-3 different web sites. You will realize that for the same destination and duration of a journey, there are differences in price and accommodation, which are important. Also be careful about the benefits provided such as: if demi-pension is included, hotels’ municipal fees for stay if included, aviation fares, boat tickets (in case of excursions to islands) etc.

Below, you will find a list of web sites, which offer the choice to buy a coupon and pay reduced prices for hotel accommodation (in some occasions the reduction is almost 50% of the initial daily hotel charge). The payment is proceeded through a credit card or a bank account and it concerns a reservation of 2 or more days  in specific hotels and cities/islands. The coupon is valid on condition that you will use your own mean of transportation to go to the desired destination. These sites are (in random series):

1. Εkdromi.

2. Bonus deals.

3. Deals365.

4. Happy Deals.

5. Ola deals.

6. Lagonika.

7. Xenodoxeio.

8. Done deals.

9. Special Deal.

10. Deal Way.

11. Good Deals.

12. Deal Town.

13. Deal guide.

14. Holideals.

15. Best Offerz.

16. Αlepouditsa.

17. Regroup.

18. Mycoupon.

19. Oles.

20. Dealsafari.

21. Traveloffers.

22. Mydeals.


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