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Do you like hiking excursions?


If you like hiking excursions at this site you will discover useful information about hiking and a list of related groups (mountaineering, naturalists, hikers, trekking), located in Athens – Attica and organizing similar activities.

For your own safety, please take into seriously consideration the following instructions (especially if you don’t have previous experience):

  1. Every excursion has a grade/level of difficulty. Kindly be informed about it in advance of your participation.

  2. Every excursion has a time duration (2-8 hours), which means that you must have with you appropriate dry food and water supplies.

  3. Your shoes (mountaineering), clothing, backpacks, must be relevant, in accordance with the mountain, the season and the weather conditions (such as waterproof-windproof jackets, spare underwear/clothes etc).

  4. Hand lamps and walking sticks are useful.

Below, you will find a list with the hiking groups linked with their web pages. By clicking on the underlined name, you will be informed about telephone numbers or contact email of those groups. Unfortunately most of the sites are not translated to English language.




  • Active Sundays (is a group of young people – you will feel familiar to them – because the organizers are professionals, speak English and they are very friendly to new coming members  and you will be satisfied to participate to their excursions).

  • D-EUZIN (their page is presented on facebook).




  • Pan (hiking, climbing, speleology activities).








  • Trekking Hellas (they organize climbing, rafting, canyoning, riding, cycling, rapel activities).





  • The walking team of Imittos P.O.Y.


  • Hiking Meditation team organizes hiking excursions with yoga lessons (the page is presented on facebook).

  • The hiking team of Kapandriti is also organizing hiking excursions (the page is presented on facebook).

  • Amarousion hiking  team (the page is presented on facebook).

Another group of people who organizing -free of charge- hiking excursions, inside and outside of Attica, is: Voltes and Pouthenades. Both pages are presented on facebook.

Finishing this article for hiking and mountain climbing, I would like to introduce you the Lodge of Flambouri, located at Mont Parness. Every weekend, they organize daily or night hikings for beginners, families with children and every person who loves this adventure. You can be informed about them, by visiting the site: https://actionfun.gr/.

And below you can watch an interesting video from Flambouri Lodge.

Would you like to discover the beauties of  Greek islands? Then you can have a look at the following: 


Enjoy your walks in Greece…

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