Night life in Athens city


In Athens and other cities of Greece, there are a lot of places of entertainment with live music events. We call these places “bouzoukia” or Music Halls or Concert Halls. Bouzouki in Greek means the stringed musical instrument similar to a long mandolin. At “bouzoukia” you can watch one or more popular Greek singers and pop stars, who are presenting their songs and in some cases there are theatrical performances and dance shows, coming along with the artists. These places usually offer drinks and it is necessary to make a reservation in advance, in order to book a table (especially for reservations of Friday/Saturday night).

In this article, there will be a detailed presentation of Athenian “Bouzoukia” & Music Halls. A reference with a youtube video of a famous record of the artists will be presented in combination with each place or Music Hall or Concert Hall. Unfortunately most of these spaces do not provide information in English and they are being introduced through facebook. In this case you can use google translator to understand specific info, concerning live events and performances. Let’s start our tour!

  • 16th Iera Odos street, Gkazi area: VOX live stage is presenting: Natassa Bofiliou, every Saturday night and Giannis Haroulis for specific dates (28/2 & 1,7,8/3/2023). Both artists are very popular for their songs and shows! #vox #bofiliou #haroulis #ieraodos #athens


  • 18-20th Iera Odos street, Gkazi area: NOX is hosting my beloved Antonis Remos & Kaiti Garbi. Antonis Remos has participated in a large number of concerts in Greece (and in Mykonos island too), U.S.A., Australia, German and a lot of other countries. Kaiti Garbi is also a very popular Greek singer with a large number of charts. These two artists are presentign their shows every Friday & Saturday night. #remos #garbi #nox #livestages #livemusic #bouzoukia #nightlife



  • 41st Iera Odos street, Gkazi area Τokyo Theater welcomes  Ioulia Kalimani, a very popular artist especially to young people, every Friday and Saturday night. #tokyotheater #kalimani


  • 72nd Iera Odos & Spirou Patsi street, Votanikos live stage is presenting Helena Paparizou (who won the 1st prize of Eurovision Contest on 2005) and Giorgos Sampanis with his velvet voice, every Friday & Saturday night. #votanikos #paparizou #sampanis #ieraodos


    • 74th Iera Odos street (ex Votanikos Plus club) Medusa Music Theater, is hosting Going Through, Giorgos Alkaios, Isoropistis and Pantelis Kanarakis (a comedian performer), every Friday & Saturday nigth.  #medusamusictheater #goingthrough #alkaios #isoropistis #kanarakispantelis


    • 1st Aghion Asomaton square, you will find Mezzo Athens, where Elias Vrettos and Demy are showing their program with pop songs, every weekend. #mezzoathens #vrettoselias #demy


    • 32-34th Voutadon street, Gkazi area Gazarte Roof Stage is hosting a variety of artists for a few live events, such as: Gadjo Dilo, Good Job Nicki, Minos Matsas and many other popular artists! The shows are taking place from Friday to Monday nights! #gazarte #goodjobnicki #gadjodilo #matsasnikos


    • Plaka area, at 19th Lisikratous street and 50th Amalias avenue, in the music hall Perivoli tou Ouranou: Pitsa Papadopoulou and Stelios Dionisioy are performing their show, together with Heleana Papaioannou and Christos Nikolopoulos, every Friday, Saturday & Sunday night. #perivolitououranou #papadopouloupitsa #nikolopouloschristos #papaioannouheleana



  • Αkadimias and Zoodochou Pigis street (pedestrian road 13th, Kiafas street):  Sfiga music stage, with a variety of Greek popular artists and rock bands, every Friday and weekends nights. #sfiga #tsaligopoulou #ziogalas #miliokas #giokarinis #lakispapadopoulos


  • 6th Loukianou street, Kolonaki area: Rock & Roll Athens night club presents Onirama with  pop-rock songs, every Tuesday night. #onirama #rockandroll_athens


  • 10th, Karaiskaki street, Psiri area: The music stage 1002 nights is hosting Greek artists, who are performing  traditional – old  era – songs, called rebetika. This music stage is open every night with a variety of artists and events and it also serves dinner. #1002nights


  • 22nd Mnisikleous and Lysiou street, Plaka area: There is a concert hall, sky bar & restaurant  Odos Lysiou Stairs. Every Thursday night, Kostas Karafotis is presenting songs of the Greek composer Kyriakos Papadopoulos. #odoslysiou #karafotiskostas

  • 25th Lagoumitzi and Syggros street, the night club Fever, is hosting the wonderful Yannis Ploutarchos with his velvet voice and Paola with multi oriental, pop, rock, “laika” songs, every Friday and Saturday night. #fevernightclub #ploutarchos #paola


  • 43rd Tsochas street, Amelokipi area: Every weekend, Baraonda Music Hall (the page is presented through facebook) is hosting Pegi Zina and Kostas Tournas, every Saturday at  23.00 and every Sunday at 21.00. #baraonda #pegizina #tournas #tournas_kostas


  • 102nd Pireos street, Gkazi area: Voodoo club, is hosting Nikiforos every Friday night and Elias Kampakakis every Sunday night. #voodooclub #nikiforos #kampakakis


  • 142nd Ermou street, Gkazi area: Hotel Ermou (the page is opening through facebook) is hosting Anna Vissi every Friday and Saturday night. Anna Vissi is a very popular Greek artist with an important number of albums and songs. #hotelermou #annavissi

  • 130th Pireos street, Gkazi area: Box Athens with Dionisis Schinas and Ivi Adamou will embellish the night life of Athens, every Friday and Saturday night! #boxathens #schinas #adamou_ivi

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  • 171st Pireos street, Gkazi area: Ωmega Club Athens,  is presenting every Friday and Saturday night, two very enthusiastic performers with popular pop songs: Giorgos Tsalikis & Giorgos Giannias. #omegaclubathens #tsalikis #giannias


  • 178th Pireos street, Tavros area: Αkti Pireos is the music hall where you can savor Natassa Theodoridou with her amazing voice and Giorgos Kakosaios, every Friday and Saturday night at 22.30. #aktipireos #theodoridou #kakosaios


  • 178th Pireos street, Tavros area: Enastron (the page is presented through facebook) is the music stage, where you can enjoy Melisses band and Despina Vandi (a very popular Greek artist with a large number of albums), every Friday & Saturday night! #enastron #melisses #vandi


  • 142nd Pireos and Petrou Ralli street, Gkazi area: Music Hall Κentro Αthinon  is hosting my beloved Giorgos Mazonakis every Thursday and Saturday night! #kentroAthinon #MAZW


  • 69th Pireos and 49th Agion Asomaton street: Ladadika of Athens are presenting Charis Akritidis & Eleni Karousaki every Friday and Saturday evening. #karousaki #xaris_akritidis #nikos_floriniotis #giousef


  • 38th Petrou Ralli street, Egaleo area: YTON Music Hall is the amusement place where you can savor Nikos Vertis every weekend. #NikosVertis #yton


  • 29th Petrou Ralli street and Kritis 1st, Tavros area: Vegas Live Stage is presenting Stamatis Gonidis and Zafiris Melas every Thursday to Saturday night! #gonidis #melas #vegaslivestageγονιδης


  • 143rd Sigrou avenue, Nea Smirni area: Gialino Music Theater is hosting a lot of performers for specific appearances, every Friday and weekend nights. Some of the artists are: Eleni Vitali – Christos Thiveos, Giorgos Margaritis. #margaritis #gialino #vitali #thiveos


  • 4th Evelpidon street, Pedion tou Areos, Kipseli area: Alsos theater (the page is presented through facebook) is hosting Stamatis Kraounakis every weekend nights, Ellie Paspala every Monday night. #kraounakis #paspala #alsostheater #alsos_theater


  • 9th Eptanisou & Androu street, Pedion tou Areos, Podiki live stage is presenting rebetika and traditional songs every Friday and Saturday night. Podiki has also serves dinner. #podiki



  • 46th Kaftatzoglou street, Kato Patisia area: Cabana Live Stage is hosting: Themis Adamantidis, Vasilis Terlegas, Alekos Zazopoulos and Tzeni Katsigiani, every Friday & Saturday night. #adamantidis #terlegas #zazopoulos #katsigiani #cabanalivestage #cabana_live_stage


  • 17th Kodrigtonos and Patision street: Ilion Plus (the page is opening through facebook) music stage is presenting a variety of artists for specific performances during Friday nights and weekends. #ilionplus #ilion_plus

  • 97th Dimofontos street, Ano Petralona area: Music stage Xamam is hosting a variety of Greek artists for specific dates and performances. #xamam


    • 48th Ipirou street, Acharnon area: Κyttaro live stage offers a variety of cultural events including live shows of popular Greek artists, every Friday and weekend nights. #delivorias #kyttaro_live


    • 37th Tharipou & Frantzi street, Neos Kosmos area: The music hall Stavros tou Notou is hosting multi cultural events and live concerts. Mpampis Stokas, Miltos Paschalidis, Sokratis Malamas are some of the artists with live shows, every night of the week. #stokas #paschalidis #malamas #stn #stavros_tou_notou

  • 5th Posidonos street, Elliniko area: Fantasia live stage (the page is opening through facebook) is presenting Nikos Oikonomopoulos, every Friday and Saturday night. #economopoulos #ikonomopoulos #oikonomopoulos #fantasia_live_stage

  • 26-28th Posidonos street, Kalithea area: Teatro Music Hall, this  winter, is going to upload Athens’ night life, on top, with Sakis Rouvas & Konstantinos Argiros, both wonderful artists, every Friday & Saturday night! #rouvas #argiros #teatromusichall #teatro_music_hall


  • 35th Posidonos street, Alimos area: Estet Athens (ex Frangelico) is presenting my belove Nikos Makropoulos and Kostas Karafotis, every Thursday and Saturday night. #makropoulos #estet #karafotis

  • 1st Ellinikou street, Elliniko area: Romeo Club is hosting Thodoris Feris and Katerina Lioliou, every Friday & Saturday night. #feris #lioliou #romeoclub


  • 139th Veikou street, Galatsi area: Christmas Theater of Athens is presenting music concerts, theatrical plays, ballet concerts every night. You have to buy the tickets for each event either in advance or at the theater’s box office.


  • 325th Liossion street, Athens: Athens Stage is presenting Gogo Tsampa, Giannis Tasios and Helena Charami, every Friday & Saturday night. #athens_stage #tsampagogo #tasiosgiannis

  • 20th Dekelias street, Nea Chalkidona-Nea Filadelfia: Peran to cafe Αman is hosting traditional and rebetika songs, Greek folklore artists and a variety of program with music inspired by the mainland & islands of Greece, from Wednesday to Sunday evening. This concert hall is also serving dinner with traditional dishes of Minor Asia and Turkey. #perancafe #dinner #traditional #rebetika


  • 67th Aghias Paraskevis street, Bournazi square – Peristeri: Bodega is hosting Sakis Arseniou and Christina Salti, every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday. #bodega #arseniou


  • 7th Kifisias avenue, Marousi area: Αytokinisi is a night club where Lefteris Pantazis, Christos Dantis and Konstantinos Pantelidis are presenting an uplifting unique show, every Friday & Saturday night! #lefterispantazis #pantazis %autokinisiclub #pantelidis_konstantinos #autokinisi_club #marousi #dantis_christos #dantis


  • 10th Kifisias avenue, Marousi area: Cabaret Athens live stage is presenting Nikos Apergis, Malu, Aris Petrakis, Mc Daddy, every weekend nights. #cabaret #livestage #performance #vibe #saturdaynight #sundaynight #joinus #apergis_nikos #malu_kiriakopoulou #petrakisaris #mcdaddy

  • 54th Diligiani street, Kifisia: Red Room@cash restaurant & bar is hosting the composer George Theofanous, every Friday & Saturday night. This place is also serves dinner. #redroomcash @theofanous


  • 1st Olimpou street, Nea Kifisia, north suburbs of Attica: Εmpati North Live Stage, is hosting Katerina Stanisi and Charis Kostopoulos (the page is opening through facebook), every Friday & Saturday night. #empati_north #stanisi #kostopoulos_charis


In principal, Athens and the suburbs offer multiple choices for memorable nights of entertainment. Usually most of the “Bouzoukia” open their doors, at 23.30 and their program lasts until 5.00 – 06.00 o’clock in the morning.

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Enjoy your vacations in Greece

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